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10 June, 2008


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When your first child is born you feel very protective. It is, frankly, a vulnerable time. I feel like an idiot for ever having been (partially) taken in by the anti-vaccine crowd. At first it sounded reasonable. Fortunately I only grumbled, but let my daughter have all the vaccinations. And I’ve totally repented of my error.

Read this long, but vital, post on a wonderful blog called Science-Based Medicine. Everybody should read it – especially anybody harboring doubts about vaccinating their kids.

(Among the great surprises: Jim Carrey is a raving moron. Who would have guessed?)

The irresponsibility of the luddites fighting against the greatest life-saving technology in history is nothing short of criminal. Don’t be taken in.

Vaccinate your kids.



  1. “The irresponsibility of the luddites fighting against the greatest life-saving technology in history is nothing short of criminal. Don’t be taken in.”
    I am truly shocked by this vile statement- have you ever read up on the kind of ingredients that vaccinations are prepared from??? Well pardon me for not wanting to challenge my newborn’s immature immune system with the kind of putrescence that goes into vaccinations!! If you really believe that we are made to be injected putrid poisons that profit nobody but over-paid doctors and pharmaceutical companies, then go ahead.. But dont you DARE impinge on my right to be a conscientious objector and refuse vaccination – I believe it is criminal to forcibly inject small babies with putrid matter and brainwash millions into thinking that this is going to prevent disease and ill health. I beleive that vaccination is nothing but a well organised hoax that weakens our bodies from the very beginning so that doctors/pharmaceutical companies can make more money through widespead ill health. This so-called ‘scientific’ system of medicine has always favoured methods and cures that drive their own financial profit – its obvious that if people became healthy and had strong immune systems these guys would go broke. Has your doctor ever given you good advice on how to build and maintain a great immune system from birth? All I’ve ever seen them do is pump people with expensive medication…

    Comment by Deepika — 14 June, 2008 @ 3:10

  2. I was arguably wrong about one thing: Vaccination is probably the second greatest life-saving technology. Sanitation is the first.

    Both are the result of science.

    What we have here in Deepika’s comment is a fine example of emotionally-driven blindness to the truth. Yes, I have read up on the ingredients. You should, too. There are plenty of links in the Science-based medicine post I linked to.

    How sad and strange it is to live in the 21st century, in the greatest civilization history has ever known, and find people clinging so desperately to ignorance and superstition.

    I pity your child. And every child he or she comes in contact with. They will be the victims of your willful ignorance. I hope my child isn’t one of them. How dare you endanger her with your stupidity.

    Comment by buttle — 14 June, 2008 @ 8:25

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