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19 August, 2008

Everything you know about Terri Schiavo is wrong

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At least, if you thought you knew what I thought I knew. I was deeply moved by the case at the time, and emotions still run high on both sides of the issue. (It’s not helped by the apparent fact that her husband was rather a jerk, but that should not really have any bearing.)

The estimable Dr. Steven Novella has posted three blog entries which are a must-read for anybody interested in the case. He completely side-steps the controversy and gets right into the medicine of the case. And it turns out that, medically, there simply was no controversy.

Read part one, part two and part three. The CT scan in the last part is most convincing.

I, for one, am very grateful to Dr. Novella for this. I now realize that I was terribly misinformed. (Gee, how could that have happened with our wonderful press to spread the news?)

Make your own judgement as to whether Congress and/or Governor Bush acted correctly. I think their information was as bad as mine.


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