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9 January, 2009

The Award for Least Convincing Medical Rescue

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…goes to Hamas!

I, frankly, know enough with just a CPR/First Aid certification to know it’s bogus but, to make sure Buttle’s World continues to bring you the most accurate information possible, I double-checked with an actual ER doctor.

Here’s what was drilled into my head for 3 years of Emergency Medicine training:

1. Airway
2. Breathing
3. Circulation

The first two have not, apparently, been addressed, and those “compressions” wouldn’t circulate blood in anyone bigger than a preemie.

And that’s the least concerned “doctor” I’ve ever seen. I don’t think he even looked at his patient once.


Of course the network which aired this lame joke would quickly issue a retraction and correction, red-faced that they were so easily misled. Unless, perhaps, the network is the one which lied on purpose about Saddam Hussein so they wouldn’t get kicked out if Iraq.

Another Update:

Stunningly, CNN says that’s their story and they’re sticking to it. Charles isn’t buying it. Ed Morrissey is chortling. Confederate Yankee finds CNN’s conflict of interest. Me? At the risk of sounding like a broken record it’s obvious that CNN thinks we are as stupid as a box of rocks.

Yet More Updating:

More inconsistencies spotted at Riehl World View. And new connections are being made at LGF all the time.


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