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13 January, 2009

Watts Up With That?

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I just learned of this good anti-alarmist web site. It’s embroiled now in a competition for best science web site. I was quite disappointed to learn that P.Z. Meyers wrote

“I want my commenters to be uncivil. There is no virtue in politeness when confronted with ignorance, dishonesty, and delusion.”

P.Z. has been so right in his battles with creationists that I’m frankly aghast at this. In the case of evolution, he’s defending a theory which explains 100% of what we observe in nature, and which has absolutely no competing theories. How he can turn on his ad-hominem attacks against people skeptical of anthropogenic climate change, which is a long way from settled science, is befuddling.

Look at Watts’ site yourself and see if he seems like a “whining wackaloon”.

Here’s an example of his detective work.

I’m willing to believe that we are changing the climate in significant ways as soon as I see compelling scientific evidence from scientists independent of, say, an utterly corrupt, purely political, left-wing entity.

Until then, as in all things, skepticism is a virtue. So is civility.



  1. He’s not advocating ad hominem:

    Comment by Johnny Walker Purple — 14 January, 2009 @ 20:13

  2. Thanks for that link. I like the distinction, and think it’s a valid point. Going back to his post, I see a lot of name calling an not even an attempt to address the argument. It may be closer to a straw man than ad-hominem but, in any case, it’s not convincing.

    Comment by buttle — 14 January, 2009 @ 20:18

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