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17 January, 2009

Taking the fight to the enemy

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A good idea over on Science Based Medicine: try to get NCCAM defunded.

As you may or may not know, Change.gov is being used by Obama’s team to solicit policy ideas. Americans submit ideas, along with supporting rationale, and people “vote up” or vote down” the proposals. “Up” votes increase the score of the proposals, and “down” votes decrease the score.

This is one of PZ Meyers’ good projects.

It’s a huge boondoggle, a fat earmark for low-quality pseudoscience, and it’s money that would be better spent on real science and medicine. Sign up at change.gov and vote it up!

Here’s where you can vote it up. Don’t let Deepak Chopra and his minions outvote science! There’s always the nonzero chance that someone at the risibly-named “Office of the President Elect” will actually listen.

More background on the NCCAM here and here.

A funny aside: The “prove you’re a human” text I had to enter at Obama’s site was “riding tied”. Kinda kinky over there, I guess.

Anyway, please note that it’ll make you create an account when you try to vote, but you’ll have to go back and vote again after creating your account. Also, as pointed out in the comments, writing letters is also a good idea.


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