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7 February, 2009

It’s Orwellian

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People who want to kill babies in the womb wrap themselves in a “pro choice” label because, really, who could be again’st choice?

Similarly, dishonest dunderheads who want to confuse students about reality wrap themselves in the label “academic freedom“.

Well, the pro-choicers have nothing to do with choice, and teaching something other than science in a science class is a perversion of the very idea of freedom.

Note that we don’t have to play “Guess That Party” when the idiot du jour is a Republican.


Now that Bobby “The Exorcist” Jindal has signed that stupid creationist bill in LA these stealth attempts to teach superstition in science class are popping up all over. Now another knuckle-dragging “Republican” is at it in Florida.

Yeah, I’m putting scare quotes around “Republican” because people in that party should be the ones fighting for truth and conversant with reality. But Derb is right: Either side of the aisle can be hostile to science. To the extent that politics is ideology, science is always going to dig up something inconvenient. But I really think people who stand mostly on the ‘R’ side of the aisle should be the honest, eyes-open ones.

This is probably my own bias talking: I think I’m right and that everyone should think like me. I’m hardly alone there. At least I don’t have to live in what Heather MacDonald calls a “theological panic.


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  1. […] under the false flag of “academic freedom” are popping up like weeds. And, true to the Orwellian nature of these dishonest cretins, they claim to thus be “honoring Charles Darwin” in […]

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