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9 February, 2009

Eight and Hate

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If you’ve been harassed for donating to Prop 8 in California, someone wants to know about it.

Here’s the new face of the gay marriage movement: If we can hurt you, we will.  If hurting you means hurting a whole unrelated business enterprise, and all its employees,  because one person in it gave money to Prop 8—too bad. If you are an artist, and we can hurt you bad by blacklisting you, we will do that too.

I know many gay people and gay marriage activists are appalled by these tactics, but, like it or not, this is now the face of your movement. (If you can change that, please do; I can’t do it for you).

Full disclosure: The National Organization for Marriage California (my organization) is party to the lawsuit attempting to protect donors from this kind of intimidation.  If you or anyone you know is getting hate mail, threats, or other acts of harassment, because you gave money to support marriage, please let me know:  maggieiav@aol.com.


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