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9 February, 2009

It’s a Plague!

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Stealth creationist bills sailing under the false flag of “academic freedom” are popping up like weeds. And, true to the Orwellian nature of these dishonest cretins, they claim to thus be “honoring Charles Darwin” in this his 200th anniversary year.

Discovery Institute “fellows” insist that their “intelligent design” agenda is different and distinct from creationism. This is necessary in order to promote these “academic freedom” bills, because the courts have repeatedly ruled against creationism in schools; hence the pretense.

But someone forgot to send that memo to Liberty Baptist University in Virginia, where they’re featuring two Disco Institute shills—Michael Behe and Paul Nelson—in events explicitly promoting “the Biblical view of creationism.”

As the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birthday — Feb. 12 — draws near, Liberty University will be hosting several events to counter this and to promote the biblical view of creationism. Mat Staver, dean of Liberty University School of Law, and LU’s Center for Creation Studies, directed by Dr. David DeWitt, have helped to coordinate the events. The events have been designed to explore the different aspects of evolution and point out the theory’s significant problems.

So the science that tells you how the world really works is under attack and, on a different front, the science that keeps you healthy is also under attack by a different band of unscrupulous, supersticious frauds.

If CAM/IM had compelling science and evidence behind it, it would not be trying to manipulate the political process to give itself an unfair advantage, while whining that it is so persecuted. Unfortunately, with the backing of the Bravewell Collaborative, the Samueli Institute, and the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, advocates of CAM/IM are in a strong position to insert themselves into the upcoming political debate over health care reform. If science-based medicine is to repulse this infiltration, two things will have to happen. First, the Obama Administration’s science and medical advisors will have to be sufficiently savvy not to fall for the blandishments of sectarians and to promote science-based, not pseudoscience-based, medicine. On that score, I am cautiously optimistic. The second thing that will have to happen is that science-based physicians will have to mount an effort to influence legislators at least equal to what CAM advocates are already doing. Unfortunately, on that latter score, I am much less optimistic. Most science-based physicians are not political activists, and the power and wealth of the forces trying to insert CAM into any health care reform is potent. Still, that does not mean we shouldn’t try.

Aren’t you comforted knowing that the Annointed One’s administration will be “returning science to its rightful place”?


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