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11 February, 2009

Outrage in Oregon

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Remember that Marine who was arrested for a non-existant crime? The DA had to drop the charges (because, duh, there was nothing to charge him with) but that didn’t stop the school from holding a secret, kangaroo court.

Maxwell asked to have his “trial” open to the public, which is his right, but was denied.

The tribunal was told repeatedly that they lacked the authority to impose a rule dealing with firearms. But the children who sat in judgment of the veteran were not interested in the law or the facts. They were only interested in attacking and embarrassing a man who had committed no crime but had chosen to exercise his right to protect himself and others.

The “trial” was a sham. No one present even seemed to know what the “charge” was. When confronted by the fact that the school has no authority to make rules about firearms, they said that was “not relevant.” Then they said they were not charging Maxwell with having a firearm. When asked what they WERE charging him with, they seemed to not know. They then said they were charging him with having a “knife and a rifle in his car.”   When told they had no authority to make rules about guns in his car, they said THAT was not “relevant.”

The “prosecutor” was one Patrick Moser “Acting Coordinator of Campus Judicial Affairs” who can be reached at moserp@wou.edu.

Here’s what I emailed:

Subject: Maxwell deserves an apology

Congratulations on bringing shame and ridicule to your school. Your sham “prosecution” of a man who committed no crime, held in secret, has shown you and your school to be political attack dogs and legal idiots.

Maxwell is owed an apology for the insult and waste of his time and, in the spirit of the risible “punishment” handed out I suggest that you and everybody else involved in these proceedings do the following:

A) Get a psychological treatment for your obvious neuroses.

B) Write on the blackboard a thousand times “THE LAW APPLIES TO EVERYBODY”


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