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15 February, 2009

Creationists Have Nothing on Orwell

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This is rich. A UC web site points out the obvious truth that there is no inherent dichotomy between evolution and religion and what does one idiot creationist teacher do?

Sue on the basis that the statement is unconstitutional, of course! Oh, and here’s that myth again:

The Web site, “Understanding Evolution,” is supported by government funds and violates the constitutional separation of church and state, according to the suit by Jeanne Caldwell.

Folks, go read the constitution. There is no such thing in it as the separation of church and state. It does, however prohibit congress from establishing a religion or prohibiting the free exercise of one.

As John Derbyshire pointed out, the opposite of science is not religion. The opposite of science is wishful thinking. And in the face of the ever-growing mountains of evidence for evolution, fighting it is simply wishful thinking. One can no more deny it today than people could rationally deny the Round Earth Theory by the 1800’s.

Young-earth creationists are in pain at that. But if your religion can’t withstand the truth it ain’t much of a religion.


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