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24 February, 2009

Defining Creationism Down

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Why no creationist will be elected President – some very good points by Randy Barnett. As far as defending Jindal goes, while he may be good on taxes he’s unelectable for other reasons.

Everything the media tried to pin on Sarah Palin, Jindal actually did: he promoted and signed a creationism bill (with help from the Discovery Institute), he took part in an amateur exorcism and claimed it cured a woman of cancer, and possibly worst of all, he pals around with people on the extreme edges of fundamentalist Christianity, and at least one person who has associated with outright neo-Nazis: Bobby Jindal’s Creationism and Alliance with David Barton.

Watch this video and ask yourself if you could vote for the guy. There has just got to be a Republican candidate out there who doesn’t believe in fairy tales. Where is he and/or she?


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