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11 March, 2009

The Ruins of Detroit

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Some stunning photography of Detroit in shambles.

Someone just has to use these as movie locations.



  1. […] buttle @ 21:08 I’ve previously linked to an artistic take on what’s happened to the Motor City. Steven Crowder has a message for anybody who’s even heard of Michael Moore, describing how […]

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  2. It was the black people…they ruined all of America.

    Comment by Andrew Ian Murphy — 28 July, 2010 @ 12:50

  3. Andrew, you are a racist moron. The only reason I’m not (yet) deleting your comment is to leave it as a shining example of someone with his head so far up his GI tract that he can’t see the obvious.

    Race did not ruin Detroit. Statist, corrupt, left-wing policies did.

    Not that I expect any of this to penetrate your pea brain. But you can take a dip in the clue bucket or stay the hell off of my blog.

    (If you are the Andrew who writes the Andrew’s Mad Rant blog, you’re not just a moron, but a blithering, conspiracy-mongering idiot. If that’s a different guy, accept my apology and settle for just plain racist moron.)

    Comment by buttle — 28 July, 2010 @ 13:04

  4. Don’t be silly…big government, leftists, statist don’t ruin anything. Look at the Soviet Union under Stalin…the man got things done you know.

    Communism is not the problem my friend…it is the solution…or part of the solution anyway…the rest of the solution would be dealing with our not so fair skinned comrads from the Dark Continent.

    Comment by Andrew Ian Murphy — 21 December, 2010 @ 15:28

  5. It’s such a tragedy though really.

    Comment by Andrew Ian Murphy — 21 December, 2010 @ 15:37

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