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14 March, 2009

How Britain Lost the War

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By appeasing the enemy.

The active involvement of radical British Muslims in the Afghan insurgency has led senior officers to claim that they are engaged in a “surreal mini-civil war” in Afghanistan. And yet, for all the compelling evidence that British-based Islamist radicals are actively participating in a jihad against Britain and its coalition allies, the Government, together with those who have opposed our involvement in the War on Terror from the start, seems determined to give the Islamist radicals the benefit of the doubt.
Even when incontrovertible proof is found that British Muslims are aiding and abetting the enemy in Afghanistan and elsewhere, the Government’s instinct is to try to cover up their involvement, for fear of further inflaming Islamist sensitivities.

Can you imagine, seventy years ago, Britain worrying about “German sensitivities”? Trouble is, this Islamic threat is much greater, and more likely to succeed, than the Nazi threat ever was. In fact, it has obviously already won in Britain.

Don’t think it can’t happen here. I’m looking at you, Obama voters.


Posting entire blog articles into my comments is not something I want to encourage, but I’ll link here to someone who sees signs that the British Army may, at this late date, want to turn defeat into something less like defeat. (In the future, please post a link in the comments instead of the whole article.)


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  1. Saturday, March 14, 2009
    Did The Army Send A Subtle Signal To British Islamists In Derby Today?

    The Army procession began under the shadow of Derby’s Islamic Centre. Perhaps this was done to provide “moderate” Muslims, who love the British State and its armed forces, with the opportunity to show their affection. However, I for one did not see any banners or signs being waved saying “Real Muslims for the British Army”, “Muslims Say Thanks For Protecting British interests In Iraq” or “British Muslims Love The British Army”. It appears that the opportunity to demonstrate fealty to Britain and opposition to sharia law has been well and truly missed. Why is that? At least we didn’t see any organised assembly of the “extreme” Muslims, perhaps they were warned off by their friends in Whitehall who realise that the public mood will not tolerate continued Islamist nonsense. Personally I think the decision was a subtle warning by the British army itself to the Islamists and their friends in New Labour.

    There were a few Muslims about, though I did not identify any supporting the parade, and a group of them gave me a bit of hassle, saying something about by camera. They stared at me for a while in an aggressive manner but I ignored them as their views are of no consequence to me. In any case it must have been quite galling to them to see that army that many of them despise as an enemy force present in their area of Derby.

    In many parts of Europe it has been reported that there are so-called ‘no-go’ areas that even the police are afraid to enter. British Muslims who feel that they can undermine British sovereignty in such a way should think again. I suspect the army was sending the a subtle signal today that any ‘declarations of independence’ will never be tolerated. The Islamic Centre in Derby and indeed any in the Islamic centre or mosque in the country is on British soil and subject to British law.

    The red-capped squaddies were accompanied by a regimental band and a couple of small tanks. Perhaps the choice of starting point for the procession was not an accidental. Could it have been a subtle assertion of sovereignty by the British Army. After all, it was the British armed forces that “honoured” King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia by serenading him with the Darth Vader theme from the Empire Strikes Back.

    Thousands’ of Brits lined the streets’ almost mobbing our home coming boys.
    Don’t confuse this Fabian Commie Government with the True British people who’d lynche the Government given half the chance.

    Our Unfree media is just as corrupt as the Politicians we Brits are Sick to death of muslims full stop.
    The Worm is turning!!

    Comment by centurean2 — 15 March, 2009 @ 0:44

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