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15 March, 2009

Do You Live in California?

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If you also own a gun then you probably know that concealed carry in this state has become an impossible den of corruption. One of the few sane people in Sacramento is trying to fix that.

Please do the following: Go to this link to find your state legislators, if you don’t know who they are already, and ask them politely (by both phone and letter) to support AB 357, Assembly Member Knight’s CCW Reform Bill. It would turn California into a “Shall Issue” state, bringing it in line with states which have already found that liberalized concealed carry permits result in lower crime. The bill itself is available as a PDF. Here’s an excerpt:

Existing law authorizes the sheriff of a county, upon proof that the person applying is of good moral character, that good cause exists, and that the person applying satisfies any one of certain conditions, as specified, to issue a license for the person to carry a concealed handgun, as specified.
This bill would delete the good cause requirement, and require the sheriff to issue the license if the other criteria described above are met.

And then get your friends and family to make a phone call and send a nice note of support, too. It’s guaranteed to be a local phone call. Although calling both their District office and their Sacramento office would be a swell idea.

Hint: Using the word “liberalized” may make it more palatable for some of the more “liberal” members. Mostly, though, they need to get lots of calls, faxes and letters.


More background info, should you need it, from Sean Bonner.


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