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20 March, 2009

YouTube Diplomacy

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The Obamateur Hour continues. The Bush administration had a frustrating lack of clarity in its Iran policy. But sending a video? Words fail me.

For nearly three decades relations between our nations have been strained. But at this holiday we are reminded of the common humanity that binds us together.

Yeah, nothing like bombing our civilians and killing our troops to “strain” relations, huh Barry?

Charles, at LGF, put it well:

The mullahs are laughing today, knowing that Barack Obama will do nothing to stop them from gaining the ultimate weapon. This isn’t just ill-advised, it’s disastrous. Barack Obama just hung a huge “Kick Me” sign on America’s back.

Well, I’m sure He’ll show ’em. If Iran nukes Israel He’ll put some stern comments on Ahmadinejad’s FaceBook page.

At this rate The Messiah is going to do the impossible: He’s going to make me long for the days of the Nasty Little Man.


Mark Steyn says not to worry. The video probably won’t work in Iranian VCRs.

Another Update:

Just for the record, I chose the title for this post before Drudge did. Or at least before I saw his page. A case of (obvious) parallel development.


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