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24 March, 2009

Bush Left Us In A Deep Hole

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But nothing like the one The One is digging.



  1. President Bush started out with a surplus and ate it and added much to the deficit that President Obama inherited. The first month that President Obama took over the amount of job losses was 750,000 per month. We were hemorlaging our economy with red ink and job losses. I beleive that if President Obama had not done what he needed to do, the whole world would have ended in a worldwide depression. President Bush did not raise taxes when we had two front wars going and he gave the wealthy of us hughes tax break. This did not include all of tax loop hole he gave to many corporation. Kind of bad when I am making only $23.000 dollar a year and I am paying more in taxes (higher percentage) than what Warren Buffe pays.

    Comment by Ronald J Lee — 29 July, 2011 @ 20:33

    • Bush did not start out with a surplus. At the end of Clinton’s term, Clinton took money out of the Social Security fund and placed into the General Fund thus creating the illusion of a balanced budget. On the topic of tax cuts, it has been increased taxes placed on American corporations that has driven them out of the country. Ireland was in the same situation as we are but were smart enough to realize that what they needed was corporations to move back into Ireland, provide jobs, and thereby increase tax revenue. A Fair / Flat tax seems to be the only equitable thing for all concerned. Regardless of the administration, the message that we need to send to Washington, and enforce, is that we will no longer tolerate the continual spending craze that they have been on – especially borrowing money from other countries to continue funding their extravagant lifestyles.
      Oh – and no more forgiving tax debts or amnesties to ANYBODY regardless of who they are or who they know.

      Comment by Charles Rogers — 2 August, 2011 @ 16:39

      • Then why not make the richest Americans pay what we pay their fair share?? Your full of it talking about how WE have to pay well the richest 5 % doesnt pay their part and pays lobbiest like the Republican and Tea Party suckers to strike down any fair payment taxing. Bush started a war he refused to pay for. Lets say Bush had no surplus and didnt start a war on fabricated evidence (weapons of mass destruction

        Burman and Kleinbard think tax breaks should be treated as a form of spending. “Like direct spending programs, tax expenditures crowd out other spending and require higher tax rates than otherwise needed,” Burman wrote in a paper co-authored with Eric Toder and Christopher Geissler.Even though tax breaks lower the tax bite for eligible individuals and corporations, they end up raising taxes on others.”Targeted tax relief is just another name for government spending, in which taxes extracted from those of us who are not targeted fund hidden spending on those who are,” said Kleinbard, who used to run the Joint Committee on Taxation, in a speech last fall.(Jeanne Sahadi,March 5, 2010:)

        Comment by Eric Draven — 15 August, 2011 @ 22:41

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