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31 March, 2009

CARB: We’re Not Tyrants

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“We wouldn’t do something so silly as to ban black paint,” says the friendly California Air Resources Board. Of course not. That would be tyrannical. All those dittoheads can just relax.

The California Air Resources Board said Friday that it has no plans “at this time” to regulate car paint as part of a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions — and never intended to outlaw black cars in the first place.

“We are by no means interested in banning or restricting car colors,” CARB spokesman Stanley Young said.

There, don’t we all feel better?

Wait… What’s this?

CARB ultimately decided to ditch the paint scheme and move ahead with just the reflective glass mandate (which is not window tinting, by the way; it’s a reflective clear coat).

So CARB still thinks they can mandate a technology just because they like it. This is a proper function of government? The whole “cool cars” project is tyranny. If there are coatings or paints or goat-sacrifices which will make vehicles more efficient let the market find them. CARB is being just as tyrannical with this as banning black paint would have been, only tyrannical in a stealthier way.


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