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16 April, 2009

CNN Hack

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Try to watch this bimbo scold a woman for being “antagonistic” without laughing.

I haven’t watched CNN in ages. I have to thank Susan Roesgen for reminding me why.


Hell hath no fury indeed.

Another Update:

Bill Whittle has a nice video essay on just why media bias matters. For the record, I think 15 points is conservative. Pun intended.

Probably the Last Update:

CNN, class act.

They’ll probably take our copies down, too. If they do, I’ll look for other sites to upload it to, or perhaps try to embed it here on the blog. And I may take Ben Sheffner’s advice and file a DMCA counternotice. If CNN wants to sue me, we can make this a test case.

One of my readers took me to task in the comments for calling Roesgen a “bimbo”. I now realize that I should apologize to bimbos everywhere.



  1. Sigh..Huh? Scold her?

    I see a woman yelling in the face of a reporter.

    And yes, asking someone in a heated manner “Do you think I’m stupid” may be considered slightly antagonistic.

    And while It may seem convenient for this woman to claim that these “Tea Bagging” events are non-Parisian, a casual perusal of Fox would indicate otherwise.

    The reality, as I see it, is these events have been hijacked by a multitude of agendas, making them easily dismissible for the casual observer.

    As a political Independent I agree with much that’s being said concerning the misuse of Federal power ..but I have to ask..

    Is meaningful tax reform a true concern here, or is it just fun to get together and talk shit about Obama and prattle on about/CNN/FEMA “concentration camps” and our supposed march to a Socialist state?

    And she’s a bimbo because?

    Shaking finger in a motherly pose:

    “Buttle! Your better than that!”

    Comment by Bob — 16 April, 2009 @ 14:27

  2. The “reporter” was so antagonistic toward the man she had on the air that she loses all credibility calling anybody else antagonistic. Her “report” was an amateurish hack of a quality lower than I’d expect from a high school kid. Her knock at “Fox” is an irrelevant “tu quoque” play.

    She cherry-picked her images, and when confronted by a guy who actually had something to say just interrupted him and, even weirder, took up the mantle of presenting the opposing views. But shouting nonsense, not in a reasonable way.

    Perhaps “bimbo” isn’t the most accurate word. After all, she’s not pretty. Maybe I should have said “harridan”. A rose by any other name would still be a rude, incompetent woman who has no business calling herself a “reporter”.

    The protests have attracted all sorts of people with all sorts of agendas, but the core of them are regular people who are righteously pissed off at the blatant irresponsibility of Washington. The MSM is going to do all it can to make them look like kooks. If you want to see real kooks, just look at Zombie’s coverage of http://www.zombietime.com/ during the Bush years.

    Comment by buttle — 16 April, 2009 @ 14:43

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