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26 April, 2009

Coming Out of the Closet

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For some values of “atheist” I am one, although it’s not the word I’d first use to describe myself. I have no interest in capital-A Atheism which seems to be a religion in its own right.

But humans did evolve in tribes, and religions form some of the greatest tribes in history. So I have to appreciate efforts to form atheist tribes.

“It’s not about carrying banners or protesting,” said Herb Silverman, a math professor at the College of Charleston who founded the Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry, which has about 150 members on the coast of the Carolinas. “The most important thing is coming out of the closet.”

This seems much more productive than those stupid bus signs in England. Getting past the point where supposedly religious people debate ignorant, bigoted questions like “Can an atheist be a good person?” would be a step forward for the world. Maybe I should see if there’s a local chapter.

Meanwhile, I’d love it if California made these license plates available.


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