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27 April, 2009

Hail to the Chief

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I hope this report is correct.

Spying an AK-47 automatic rifle aimed at Phillips’ back – and with standing orders from President Obama to shoot to kill the pirates if necessary – snipers perched on the fantail of the guided missile destroyer USS Bainbridge opened fire from some 85 feet away when three of the pirates’ heads came into view, Gortney said.

If those standing orders really came from The One, then bully. Let’s have fewer Apology Tours and more of this, Mr. President.

Meanwhile, why aren’t the crews of every ship sailing near Somali waters being armed to the teeth? For about twenty grand in machine guns and ammo per ship they could make any AK-toting fishermen consider a new line of work, and at a respectful distance.


The authorization was not as specific as being reported, but I’m with Jonah.

Another Update, (and bumped):

There’s an email going around purporting to have SEAL origins. As snopes points out, it’s mostly false. I mean, good grief. I just lived through eight years of Bush Derangement Syndrome. I don’t want any Obama Derangement Syndrome. There’s plenty that America’s least-prepared, least-qualified and so far worst President has done and will do to merit criticism. But let’s stick to the real stuff and be thankful that, at least some of the time, He has done the right thing.


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