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30 April, 2009

The Evil Party vs. the Stupid Party

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Boy, what with the Democrats embracing social/marx/fasc/ism at full throttle (Evil Party) and the Republicans getting taken over by Flat-Earth Creationists (Stupid Party) where can one turn? Not to the “I’d rather win an argument than an election” Libertarians (Irrelevant Party).

I like to think I can’t be the only rational conservative with libertarian inclinations out there, but the other two guys are keeping a low profile.


The Loonie Fringe of the Republican party is just as idiotic as the Democrats’ moonbats. Barton, former vice chairman of the Texas Republican Party, is a self-styled “historian” without any formal training in the field. He argues that separation of church and state is a “myth” and that the nation’s laws should be based on Scripture. He says, for example, that the Bible forbids taxes on income and capital gains. Yet even such groups as Texas Baptists Committed and the Baptist Joint Committee have sharply criticized Barton’s interpretations of the Constitution and history.

Don’t take too much comfort in knowing they’re the fringe: The Democrats were completely taken over by their extreme fringe.  I worry that the disarray among the Republicans is creating a vacuum that attracts nutcases ike this. Oh, and by the way: Bobbie Jindahl also pals around with Barton.

NB: Yes, I understand that the “constitutional separation of church and state” is a myth, but it’s not the kind of myth Barton thinks. If he thinks the laws should be based on his “holy book” then he’s just as wrong and dangerous as the Jihadist cretins who want to impose Sharia based on the Koran. Your religion is your business, but as soon as you try to make it my government it is not a valid religion anymore and deserves no constitutional protection at all.


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  1. What a refreshing post.

    I’m not sure “winning” the election, if winning means another Republican or Democrat in the office, is actually true to the definition of the word “winning”?

    Calling the Dems “evil” is far to convenient and relatively meaningless, I”m more comfortable saying that we have two parties of “Stupid” .

    The Dems have proven again and again that they deserve membership in this particular club. And they have certainly embraced the idiocy of faith just as fervently as the Repubs. It’s just a different embrace.

    In some ways they are worse.

    At least the Fundamentalist “believe” in something (as flawed as it may be). The Dems (yes, Im generalizing) choose to take the “live and let live” middle ground when it comes to any criticism concerning faith. They have proven to be so weak minded that they cannot even choose a side, even when one side is the Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause and the other is Scientific methodology.

    So what’s worse:

    Rejecting science in favor of superstitions


    pretending to be scientific while championing aspects of superstitions.

    Both roads to ruin if you ask me.

    Comment by Bob — 1 May, 2009 @ 8:47

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