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7 May, 2009

Oprah Tries To Kill Children

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By promoting the dangerous lunatic Jenny McCarthy and, by extension, her anti-vaccine agenda Oprah is putting children in mortal danger. Jonathan Adler asks if Winfrey has no shame. That’s a strange question to ask about someone who puts herself on the cover of her own magazine every month.

A desperate grasp at a silver lining:

McCarthy’s quite dingy and can’t spell to save her life — “grimmess” for “grimace” in this blog post — so maybe people will stop taking her anti-vaccine ravings all that seriously and the Oprah-enhanced part of her career will be short-lived. For our children’s sake, I hope so.

I’m not so hopeful. Life-saving vaccination is under attack from many fronts.


I’m not crying wolf here.

Parental doubts about the safety of childhood vaccinations are leading to outbreaks of largely eradicated diseases like measles and whooping cough, doctors warned in a new report.

A U.S. measles outbreak last year — almost exclusively among unvaccinated people — has sparked concern about places where many parents opt out of having their children vaccinated.

Convincing people not to vaccinate their kids is the hight of irresponsibility. Anybody not vaccinating their kids should be arrested for child endangerment. In fact, they should also be arrested for assault, because their malfeasance affects all of the rest of us. If someone walked into a mall and started randomly throwing bricks at people they’d be cuffed and hauled away. How is this any different, other than disease is slower than bricks?


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