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25 May, 2009

It’s a Dangerous World for Kids

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On the one hand there are the abusive religious caretakers like those Priests and Nuns in Ireland. Then there are the preachers of woo like that moron Jenny McCarthy making kids sick by lowering herd immunity.

And then there’s the atrocity being committed by some anti-vax woo-meisters.

In essence, chemical castration using a powerful anti-sex hormone drug called Lupron.

The Geiers even called it their “Lupron protocol,” and a disturbing number of parents not only fell for this disturbing abuse of autistic children, but they even paid big bucks for it. Even after the revelations of what the Geiers did, I could never figure out, though, since 2006, more than three years ago, is just how. How did they manage to keep subjecting children to a treatment with science so bad that it doesn’t even qualify as junk science? And why didn’t the mainstream media ever notice, even though a small cadre of skeptical bloggers wrote about it repeatedly?

I don’t know, but I do know that finally a major newspaper noticed the Geiers, who operate a makeshift laboratory in the basement of Dr. Geier’s house, complete with a tissue culture hood. Yesterday, the Chicago Tribune ran companion stories entitled ‘Miracle drug’ called junk science and Physician team’s crusade shows cracks.

Why these vile excuses for human beings are not in jail is beyond me.


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