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12 June, 2009

So Much for “The Obama Effect”

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I almost gagged last night when my local CBS television “news” show was blathering about the elections in Iran. They breathlessly intoned about youth involvement, about the charismatic “reform” candidate who actually campaigned with his wife. And they said “some” (there goes that straw man again?) were calling it “The Obama Effect.”

Yes, they desperately wanted to credit the Messiah with changing an election in Iran.

Made me laugh right out loud.

The elections are just window dressing for the gullible international press. Just how gullible is probably beyond the mullahs’ wildest dreams. Every candidate in the election was selected by the mullocracy. It doesn’t matter who wins; the Sharia Sh*theads will still be calling the shots. The office of president in Iran has no real power, anyway. He’s a figure head for, mostly, the gullible international press.

But now it looks like I’mANutJob has won again anyway.

I wonder if the sycophants in the state-run media will credit that to the “Obama Effect”.


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