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27 June, 2009

I Love This Country

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Because no other country, no other civilization in the world, could come close to producing this:


I just found out that it was edited by the ex boyfriend of a guy I work with. I think there’s a blog post (or a Ph. D. thesis) to be written about the fascination with the original video, which you should see before watching the above mashup. It’s captured the minds of many but, apparently, not so many as in the homosexual community. Knowing why that is would be interesting. I have some theories, but no time to think it out and write it all down just yet.

For any (Hi, mom!) who thought the video was making fun of Mayberry, you should know that I actually like this Beyoncé tune. It’s really catchy, and the lyrics that say “if you’d like an exclusive relationship you’d better marry me” are a lot better than typical hip-hop fare. I think the musical confluence between the two songs is really fun.


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  1. Well my stars! As a long time fan of the Mayberry bunch I am wondering who produced this dumb thing and more, why? Back in those old innocent tv days folks responded favorably to this very funny series, and the re-runs bring a flood of nostalgia compared to the garbage we are subjected to…and these vulgar “ladies” are just junk.
    So I say: Hooray for Andy and Barney and to heck with the folks who ridicule.

    Comment by Joan Caldwell — 29 June, 2009 @ 10:24

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