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2 July, 2009

Mission Creeps

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That could be the new nickname for the jackbooted dimwits at the TSA (Too Stupid for Arby’s).

No one questions arrests made after TSA runs into evidence of drugs or other crimes during weapons searches. A bulge in baggy pants can be investigated, for example, because it might be an explosive. If it turns out to be cocaine, TSA is expected to report it to police or Drug Enforcement Agency officials.

But once TSA has determined that someone doesn’t have weapons or explosives, agents sometimes keep searching—leading some legal experts to wonder whether questioning people about how much cash they’re carrying, the number of credit cards they have and even prescription drugs in their bags stretches the intent of airport security law.

The kabuki theater at the airport is beyond stupid anyway. We should be looking for terrorists, not weapons. Of course, the TSA doesn’t have the market cornered on ineptitude. The hand-inspection of my backpack as I boarded a flight from Mexico City recently almost made me laugh out loud. The woman made a big show of unzipping the laptop compartment and sweeping it with her official, gloved hands. She completely ignored the other, larger compartments with the camera, cables, and my bottle of hand sanitizer.

At the Phoenix airport we were treated to a condescending routine by a young, male TSA goon who clearly relished his position of authority. But I guess it’s hard to get a job there if you don’t first pass the Stupid, Abusive and Rude aptitude test.

If you think the TSA makes you a whit safer than you were on 9/10, I have bad news for you about the Easter Bunny.


Meanwhile, they’re finally getting their wrists slapped over their absurd plans for General Aviation. It would be better, of course, to just disband the TSA. But this is something. Leave it to a unionized, government entity to come up with onerous procedures to prevent a non-existent threat.


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