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7 July, 2009

Total Control

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This is a very nice spot about what may happen now that Al Franken has stolen the election.

But I have a few questions for the Republican Party:

  1. Where the hell were you during the Bush years when you abandoned your core principles and grew government like there was no tomorrow?
  2. What have you got to offer besides the incandescently obvious point that having the Democrats in charge will be a disaster?
  3. What do you have to offer that’s different than the Democrats?

People need something to vote for, not just against.



  1. What do Republicans have to offer?

    01.Embracing of bad science to serve “Social Conservative” ends

    02. Continued inability to be self critical

    03. Knee jerk reaction voting base

    03. Leaders repeated pandering to voters who’s world views are childish (at best) .

    So the answer to your question really is: (Of course) they have absolutely nothing different to offer.

    So here’s another question:

    What are you gaining by affliating yourself with the Republican party?

    Comment by Bob — 8 July, 2009 @ 10:09

  2. And that ad is beyond absurd….

    I heard the exact same arguments coming from the Dems in the Bush/Gingrich “Contract With America” years

    Same lamenting soundtrack, same pandering to fear.

    As they say in Thailand:

    “Same, same”

    Comment by Bob — 8 July, 2009 @ 10:15

  3. Yes, the ad is designed to frighten. That’s not inherently a bad thing. It does have the virtue of being true. But my whole point is that ad baculum is not going to win elections or fix what’s wrong with the government.

    My affiliation with the Republican party is not much of an affiliation. I’m merely registered that way because the Democrats have demonstrated that they will never, at least in my life time, do the right thing. The Republicans are supposed to do the right thing. So I’m hoping to convince them to act like Republicans and stop acting like Democrats. Because you just can’t out-democrat a Democrat.

    (“right thing” here means “follow the constitution”)

    As for embracing bad science, the right has no exclusive on that. The left does so even more. That’s a problem that cuts across party lines.

    Comment by buttle — 8 July, 2009 @ 10:24

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