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4 August, 2009

Next time you meet a Global Warming Alarmist

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ask them why they haven’t just killed themselves. If you really, truly believe this stuff then you believe that humans are the problem.

The most recent example of anti-birth thinking comes from Paul Murtaugh and Michael Schlax of Oregon State University. In a study called “Reproduction and the carbon legacies of individuals,” they suggest that if you truly care about the environment, it’s not enough to trade your SUV for a Prius, use the right lightbulbs, or limit your lawn to organic fertilizers. To the contrary, you need to start thinking about something way more important: i.e., having one less child.

The “basic premise,” the study reports, is that “a person is responsible for emissions of his descendents.”

Why stop at merely preventing American or English births? Just think of the carbon reduction you could make by just offing yourself.

I think there are many who want the political outcome of anthropogenic alarmism. I don’t think there are many, if any, true believers.


The scientific debate, meanwhile is just getting interesting. Go ahead and skim past Watts’ objections to ground temperature stations. I’m sure many are as bad as he claims, but those data aren’t (or shouldn’t be) particularly relevant. The satellite data are much better and, as you’ll see, are less “convenient”.

Satellite observations are not influenced by heat islands or subject to the quality control problems detailed by Watts, and satellite records tally well with weather balloon observations–an independent database. However, the “debate is over” crowd is unlikely to embrace this solution.  The satellite record shows a relatively slow rate of warming–about 0.13ºC per decade–hence a relatively insensitive climate.

It’s a nice roundup. Worth perusing.


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