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13 August, 2009

Timiditas et Deditio

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Andrew, Andy and Mark on Yale’s shameful, cowardly capitulation.

In Mr. Aslan’s view no danger remains. “The controversy has died out now, anyone who wants to see them can see them,” he said of the cartoons, noting that he has written and lectured extensively about the incident and shown the cartoons without any negative reaction. He added that none of the violence occurred in the United States: “There were people who were annoyed, and what kind of publishing house doesn’t publish something that annoys some people?”

“This is an academic book for an academic audience by an academic press,” he continued. “There is no chance of this book having a global audience, let alone causing a global outcry.” He added, “It’s not just academic cowardice, it is just silly and unnecessary.”

Remember: Multiculturalism kills.


It’s even worse than that.

As reported in the Guardian, Sheila Blair, a professor of Islamic and Asian art at Norma Jean Calderwood University, has acknowledged being among the experts consulted by Yale, and she “strongly urged” YUP to publish the images in the book. What’s more, she has written a letter to the Times, explaining her reasoning:  “To deny that such images were made is to distort the historical record and to bow to the biased view of some modern zealots who would deny that others at other times and places perceived and illustrated Muhammad in different ways.”


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  1. My son worked on the ground floor of Barnes and Noble in New York at the time of the fatwa against Salmon Rushdie because of his book, “Satanic Verses.” After the store initially removed the books from sale my son and other employees of the store signed a petition denouncing the cowardly submission of Barnes and Noble to threats. Barnes and Noble changed its mind, and my son and his co-workers had the courage to stand up to censorship by a threat that would probably have made them the first victims.

    Through the history of this country many Yale graduates have given their lives to defend our freedom. The surrender by Yale to the latest threat to our freedom betrays us, and, more particularly, betrays its more courageous alumni.

    Shame! Shame! Shame!

    Comment by Meredith N. Springer — 29 September, 2009 @ 14:16

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