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30 August, 2009

WaPo: “Cheney Was Right”

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Well, that’s not exactly the headline their editors chose for this Saturday admission.

The debate over the effectiveness of subjecting detainees to psychological and physical pressure is in some ways irresolvable, because it is impossible to know whether less coercive methods would have achieved the same result. But for defenders of waterboarding, the evidence is clear: Mohammed cooperated, and to an extraordinary extent, only when his spirit was broken in the month after his capture March 1, 2003, as the inspector general’s report and other documents released this week indicate.

Gosh. Enhanced interrogation techniques work. Who knew?


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  1. According to who exactly? The Washington Post?

    Cherry picking anyone? I can pick em too!

    Here’s another quote from John Amick, a writer for the same paper…

    “…Cheney’s views, though, contradict those of former CIA inspector general John Helgerson, who wrote in the report that there is no proof that such techniques were responsible for reliable information that helped in foiling terror plans.”

    And I love the language here..

    “Enhanced Interrogation”

    Makes me miss the good old days of the Bush “War On Terror”, Evil doers et all…

    Comment by Bob — 31 August, 2009 @ 15:23

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