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13 September, 2009

The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

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If you measure “good” in terms of life, health and freedom, as I do, then Norman Borlaug is arguably the greatest who ever lived. He saved more lives than anyone else in history. He has just died at 95, but will go on saving lives.

More than 30 years ago, Borlaug wrote, “One of the greatest threats to mankind today is that the world may be choked by an explosively pervading but well camouflaged bureaucracy.” As REASON’s interview with him shows, he still believes that environmental activists and their allies in international agencies are a threat to progress on global food security. Barring such interference, he is confident that agricultural research, including biotechnology, will be able to boost crop production to meet the demand for food in a world of 8 billion or so, the projected population in 2025.

How can it be that hardly anybody knows who he was? Glenn Reynolds opines that it doesn’t fit the narrative.


David Price emails with his personal Borlaug story.


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