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16 September, 2009

Depressing Poll OTD

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I’m not a big believer in polls, especially political ones. But you could add in a fudge factor the size of Alaska to this one and it would still mean that a frightening percentage of my fellow Americans are barking mad.

We’ve been uncovering a remarkable level of anger toward Barack Obama in a lot of our recent polling so for New Jersey we decided to go a step further in determining how extreme some people’s feelings are about the President and asked respondents if they think he is the Anti-Christ.

8% said yes. 13% aren’t sure. Among Republicans 14% said yes and 15% weren’t sure.

Pretty eye popping numbers. The extent to which some people already hate Obama is amazing. We’ll test that question nationally this weekend.

The extremism in New Jersey isn’t limited to the right though. 19% of voters in the state, including 32% of Democrats, think that George W. Bush had prior knowledge of 9/11.

Beyond that 21% of respondents, including 33% of Republicans, express the belief that Obama was not born in the United States.

Combine the birthers and the truthers and you’ve got 37% of the electorate. And the 3% of voters who really need to get their heads checked are the ones who are both birthers and truthers.

Idiocy knows no ideology: Note that a similar percentage of Republicans and Democrats believe their favorite nutcase theory. This shows why teaching critical thinking skills is vitally important. Sadly, the ignorance factories known as public schools will never teach it, because it would put them out of business within a generation.


On further reflection. I am completely throwing out the “AntiChrist” question.

If I had taken this poll and gotten that question I might have answered yes just as a joke or as a comment on just how stupid the question was. No Liberal was going to say yes because they worship this clown. This no doubt taints the entire results, and is yet another reason I don’t trust polls. But, like I said, even if they were off by a factor of 3 or 4 that’s still leaves an awful lot of morons out there. On both sides of the aisle.


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