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25 September, 2009

“This isn’t a football game.”

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I hope I live long enough to again see a U. S. President who is actually on our side. The one we have clearly isn’t.

Reporter: What kind of sanctions, at all, would have bite with Iran?

Obama: This isn’t a football game, I’m not interested in victory, but solving the problem. . . . My expectation is that we’re going to explore with our allies . . . a wide range of options . . . should Iran decline to engage in ways that are responsible. (emphasis added)

No, you’re right, Dear Leader. It isn’t a football game. It’s a war, Mr. President. You are the commander in chief. Victory is your frakking job. You are hopelessly naive, irresponsibly dishonest, incandescently stupid, or some combination of the three if the words “I’m not interested in victory” actually passed your lips.

I swear. This guy makes Neville Chamberlain look like Douglas MacArthur.


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