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5 October, 2009

So Much For That “Word of God” Thing

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Here’s a group that has set out, ironically, to prove that the Bible is not the immutable word of God. Rather, as has been the case with just about everybody who has translated or edited the book, it’s a malleable political document.

Anybody who talks about getting to the “original text” of the Bible has no idea what they’re talking about in any case. We can’t even get back to the Greek or Hebrew, let alone the languages that came before that. I recently read a fascinating book on textual criticism, which is a kind of linguistic sleuthing aimed at figuring out what the original authors may have actually said. The takeaway is that there are easily more translation errors in the New Testament than there are words.

These Conservapedia cretins are a living example of one of the many reasons why.

Meanwhile, Pat Condell has quite a rant against organized religion.

He’s clearly mostly on the case of the Catholic Church and the Church of England. While most members of Christian churches (as well as most Muslims) will find plenty to be upset about, I suspect that some of my Mormon friends could feel smug about their lay clergy. There certainly are no Mormons living in castles off the tithes of the faithful.


Now this is funny.


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