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13 November, 2009

I Think It’s Official

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If Khalid Sheikh Mohammed really is brought to trial in civilian court, his attorneys (and I’m not, for the moment, counting Eric Holder) can use the discovery process to gut our intelligence-gathering capabilities, KSM could be set free, or both.

Given that KSM is not a citizen, this is at least a breach of constitutional and military law precedent. Given that he is an enemy at war with us, either of the above scenarios constitute aid and comfort to the enemy.

So explain to me how Eric Holder and, by implication, his boss, Dear Leader, would not thus be guilty of treason.

Were a candidate for office to clearly state the following truths I can’t see how he would not be elected by large margins, in spite of the one third or so of the country that seems to be suicidally idiotic:

  • We did not start this war.
  • There are only two ways to end a war: Victory and defeat. Victory can not come if you do not name the enemy.
  • We are at war with Islamic Jihadists: Radical Muslims who seek to impose Sharia law by force.
  • Sharia is a great evil, an abuser of women,¬† completely incompatible with democratic freedom, and should not be tolerated in any way, shape or form.

Our Dear Leader is, I am convinced, not only incapable of saying any of those truths in public, but does not believe a one of them in his heart.

That makes Him the enemy.


The most charitable reading possible is that The Messiah is a 9/10 man in a 9/11 world.


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