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25 November, 2009

Realism in Afghanistan

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Michael Yon links to an analysis from Great Britain which looks like a worthy read.

It is a false dichotomy to say that we must continue as we are, or we just leave the place to revert to the dark ages. There is an alternative between these extreme positions. We can still prevent AQ returning as a threat to us out of Afghanistan without the deployment of tens of thousands of troops and the loss of hundreds of lives and billions of dollars. To achieve that, we need to have two clear policy aims.

  • First, to maintain wide-ranging capabilities to find, fix and strike anyone presenting an international threat.
  • Second, to ensure that NATO’s rebalancing can not be painted as victory for the Islamists. We can not cut and run but must continue to support some sort of loose national government and make deals with locals in the Pashtoon belt.
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