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3 January, 2010

Can the TSA Be Trusted With Guns?

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You see, in the TSA directive which Frischling’s posted online, the TSA was caught calling a spade a spade:

INFORMATION: On December 25, 2009, a terrorist attack was attempted against a flight traveling to the United States.

Yup, “terrorist attack.” In plain old English, spelled out. When out of public earshot, apparently the TSA is allowed to call a terrorist attack a terrorist attack by name. But when the public is listening, it’s to be referred to as a Christmas Day event.

These jackbooted morons all need to be fired. The TSA needs to be abolished. It is a complete waste of money and time, and has never done one thing to make any flight even a whit safer. It’s time to end the Airport Kabuki Theatre and actually go after Islamic terrorists.

Meanwhile, make sure you always wear clean underwear.

Here is what any moron can see as plain as day: our $40 billion dollar post-9/11 airline security net is a total joke – a White Elephant of epic (and potentially tragic) proportions.

The truth is the only aspect of our post 9/11 defense that has turned out to be 100% effective are the passengers themselves. Without really thinking about it we have become an airborne militia – all watching and ready to kick al Qaeda butt at the drop of… a pair of trousers. It began in Shanksville – it effectively thwarted the shoe-bomber – and now Captain Underpants.

No worries, though. We’re in the best of hands.

Update (and bumped):

The T and the A may be up for grabs, but the S surely stands for stupid. (Notice the apparent difficulty in spelling “journalist”.)


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