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12 March, 2010

Toyota is the New Audi?

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I have been very skeptical about the claims of runaway throttles on Toyotas from the get go. The whole thing smelled just like what happened to Audi years ago, and which turned out to be pilot error. Specifically, older drivers were getting confused and causing the wrecks.

When ABC’s chief investigative nitwit, Brian Ross, ran this video purporting to show how it could happen, I was even more skeptical. Well, it turns out that not only do Toyotas not rewire themselves, but the college professor is linked to an attorney suing Toyota.

With the owners of GM publicly grilling Toyota on the matter (ignoring, of course, their conflict of interest) it was to be expected that lots of people would smell blood in the water.

As if on cue, we get the harrowing and uncritically-reported story of a man in San Diego spending 20 minutes speeding along in an out of control Prius. Twenty minutes? At 90 mph he drove 30 miles like this?

Finally, it seems the MSM is finding holes in his story. Of course, as Michael Fumento points out, with a couple of minutes of work and a little thought (two things journalists are allergic to) they would have known that from the start.

It’s not just conservative bloggers who smell a rat. Even liberal lawyers do.

I hope you’ve followed all the links. If you have, you aren’t surprised to learn that the San Diego Speeder was also planning to sue Toyota.

Blood in the water.


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