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16 March, 2010

That’s It For Whitman

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Since I live in California, and not in a cave, I’ve been exposed to Meg Whitman’s long campaign for governor. Much of what she says in the ads sounds OK, but there were a few “red flag” turns of phrase. Then, recently, I heard Mark Levin dismiss her as someone who has made fun of conservatives. That got me really doubting.

This morning a news item about a debate between Whitman and Steve Poisner pretty much sealed the deal. When debating tax breaks, she said she favored targeted reductions for businesses and start-ups as a way to stimulate jobs. That’s sort of OK as far as it goes. Poisner countered with a “10/10/10” plan to cut corporate, income and sales taxes each by ten percent, saying that only an accross the board overhaul would help. That’s a lot more like it.

Then Whitman sank herself by calling Poisner’s plan irresponsible and saying that California “cannot afford” that kind of tax cut.


Whitman clearly has forgotten the basic rule about taxes: It’s not the government’s money. Anybody who talks about “affording” tax cuts has bought into the liberal/Keynesian mindset.

Whitman’s out in my book. I don’t care if she’s a smart businesswoman. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a very smart businessman. It didn’t help. Time to investigate this Poisner fellow.

Oh, and over in the Senate race I’ve been following Chuck DeVore. He seems a lot better than Carly Fiorina so far. Either would, of course, be better than Barbara Boxer. But being smarter than Barbara Boxer is setting the bar microscopically low.


A quick look at DeVore’s stands on the issues is very, very encouraging. Hard to find anything to disagree with here. My $20 to Brown worked so well I may just have to send Chuck twice that. Of course, the longer I think about booting Babblin’ Babs the more it’s worth to me.


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