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17 March, 2010

Man Dogs

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Michael Yon files a dispatch from Afghanistan.

In years gone by, many people seemed to imagine suicide attackers were the ultimate expression of commitment.  Today, we see suicide attackers for what they are: Stooges.  Ignorant suicide bombers are not brave martyrs, but gullible Man Dogs trained to fetch myths.   The Taliban select and condition Man Dogs as precision guided weapons.  They are myth guided munitions.

He has some nice photos of air ops, including making a Van Gogh with a digital camera and an F-16.

Update (and bumped)

Yon just posted a note on his Facebook page:

After suicide attacks in Iraq, fellow mass murderers would often search out the body parts of the disassembled murderer. There was always something left. A foot. A face removed from the flesh. Usually there would be a penis and testicles (many soldiers noticed this) from the bomber. Dogs treated bombs like dinner bells and would come to snatch meat. When fellow jihadist murderers recovered the parts, the jihadists often smelled the body parts, apparently thinking the parts would smell sweet.

That’s a preface to this comment from his web site:

Michael, you characterizatize of suicide bombers as “gullible Man Dogs trained to fetch myths. The Taliban select and condition Man Dogs as precision guided weapons. They are myth guided munitions.” I believe that is the kind of brutally frank language that arises from your direct experience of the war and makes you such a valuable reporter. Most editors would soften that for domestic consumption and something important would be lost. For example, I now recognize that is what I saw in Fareed Zakaria’s documentary on the Mumbai attacks. It was significant that the one surviving myth guided munition was broken when confronted at the morgue with the stinking, rotting bodies of his fellow jihadis. They did not smell like perfume as promised by his trainers and that is what broke the hold of the myth. By bringing us real accounts of war you give us the opportunity to come to therms with the harsh reality we face.

So there you have it. Islamism stinks.


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