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20 May, 2010

It’s Draw Muhammad Day!

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I read Ann Althouse’s objections to the idea here and here. I’m not convinced. This is nothing like burning flags to protest an anti-flag burning law. The target of the putative offense is not a law (except in the fevered minds of people who think Sharia is an actual law). When she quotes Taranto, both she and he miss the point.

The problem with the “in-your-face message” of “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” is not just that it is inconsiderate of the sensibilities of others, but that it defines those others–Muslims–as being outside of our culture, unworthy of the courtesy we readily accord to insiders. It is an unwise message to send, assuming that one does not wish to make an enemy of the entire Muslim world.

The point is that Islam is unworthy of courtesy. You have to put on the blinders of suicidal multiculturalism not to see that it’s an abhorrent culture. Note that this is not the same thing as saying that all Muslims are abhorrent. There are indeed moderate Muslims, but there is no moderate Islam.

Which reminds me,, I have a question for the parts of the “right” blogosphere went apoplectic over a Muslim woman winning the Miss U.S.A. contest:

Are you nuts?

What could be more western, more American, than parading around in a bikini? And what could be more opposite to that misogynistic burka that extremist Islam wraps its women in? This is a very encouraging sign of moderation and integration into our culture.

Besides, how could she not win?


Shame I missed this until the day after:


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