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30 August, 2010

Speaking of Hate

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You’re going to love this.

What I do know is, One, a hyperinflationary event will happen, following the crash in Treasuries. Two, commodities will be the go-to medium for value storage. Three, all asset classes will collapse in short order. And Four—and most importantly—civil society will not collapse along with the dollar. Civil society will stumble about like a drunken sailor, but eventually right itself and carry on with a new normal.

During that stumble, opportunities will present themselves. I hope I have explained why.

I spent time in Chile from 1975 – 1977. Everything he says about what happened there rings completely true. What he doesn’t mention is how horribly violent Allende’s Marxists were. It’s fashionable to consider Pinochet the thug and Allende the man of peace, but the opposite is closer to the truth.

Meanwhile,  ammo is a commodity, right?


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