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19 September, 2010

Take the Quiz

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I scored 100%. That’s because I’m old enough to remember the Nasty Little Man. See how you do.



  1. Point taken. Dems and the GOP are equally idiotic.

    But if you think that this slanted “Quiz” helps to dismiss O’Donnell’s recent comments about her religious beliefs, and their influence on her policies…

    Well..I wanna smoke what your smoking.

    Comment by bob — 21 September, 2010 @ 16:04

    • Her recent comments? That’s what’s in the quiz. What she said when she was a kid? Not so interesting. I’m with the VodkaPundit:


      “What we all should care about is precisely this: Is any given candidate a person of conviction, and is that conviction to cut Washington down to size? All else is superfluous. A candidate could believe in Caspar the Friendly Ghost, ancient astronauts, or that Mars Needs Women, for all I care — so long as they hold true to that core conviction that Washington must be cut down to size.”

      So now, I won’t defend her goofy religious statements from years ago. If she means what she says about just using the constitution on the job, then I say give her the job.

      Comment by buttle — 21 September, 2010 @ 16:24

  2. Your cherry picking.

    2003 is not thatlong ago.


    Comment by bob — 24 September, 2010 @ 13:11

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