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1 November, 2010

California Ballot Propositions

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I think I’m likely to vote according to Chuck DeVore’s recommendations. The only one I’m vacillating on is Prop 19. His concerns are valid, but I also wonder if it could end up hurting the Mexican drug cartels, and thus helping us. The rest seem pretty obvious.


The always reliable Tom McClintock has published his ballot propositions recommendations. He just put me on the “no” side of Prop 19. They disagree on Prop 22, which leaves me in a quandary. I may have to invoke the “when in doubt, vote NO” rule. Or maybe the “when in doubt, go with McClintock” rule. This could be tough.

Updated (and bumped):

Still not positive about Prop 22. Am finding Chuck’s argument about it being a wolf in sheep’s clothing more persuasive, and that fits my “vote no” default as well.

Other California items:

Governor: Meg Whitman. Why? Because she’s not Jerry Brown.

Senator: Carly Fiorina. Why? Because she’s not Barbara Boxer.

Attorney General: Steve Cooley, probably. Just make sure Kamala Harris doesn’t get the job!

The following are those who should be rewarded for their votes on gun rights. Correct and clear application of the Second Amendment is the most reliable litmus test there is in politics. It’s hard to find people on the right side of this issue who are wrong on other substantial issues.

Controller: Tony Strickland

Treasurer: Mimi Walters

Insurance Commisioner: Mike Villines

Congressional District 10: Gary Clift

State Assembly District 3: Dan Logue

State Assembly District 4: Ted Gaines

State Assembly District 10: Alyson Huber

State Assembly District 17 Cathleen Galgiani

State Assembly District 20: Adnan Shahab

State Assembly District 27: Linda “Ellie” Black

State Assembly District 34: Conny Conway

State Assembly District 36: Steve Knight (one of the few really good guys in Sacramento)

State Assembly District 60: Curt Hagman

State Assembly District 66: Kevin Jefferies

State Assembly District 72: Chris Norby

State Assembly District 73: Kiane Harkey

State Assembly District 74: Martin Garrick

State Assembly District 75: Nathan Fletcher

State Senate District 12: Anna Caballero

State Senate District 14: Tom Berryhill

State Senate District 18: Jean Fuller

State Senate District 34: Lou Correa

State Senate District 38: Mark Wyland

Anybody on the following list should be vehemently opposed in any case:

Jarad Huffman

Mariko Yamada

Fiona Ma

Tom Ammiano

Mary Hayashi

Jerry Hill

Paul Fong

Jim Beall

Bill Monning

Bob Blumenfield

Julia Brownley

Mike Feuer

Anthony Portantino

Gil Cedillo

Mike Eng

Isadore Hall

Bonnie Lowenthal

Warren Furutani

Wilmer Carter

Jose Solario

Marty Block

Manuel Perez

Noreen Evans

Darrell Steinberg

Leland Yee

Ellen Corbett

Alex Padilla

Curren Price

Ron Calderon

Gloria Negrete-McLeod

So get out there tomorrow and VOTE.


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