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18 November, 2010

TSA Roundup

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Note: Henceforth, and as long as the TSA continues its peek and grope policy, airport security theater will be known as “gate rape”. And, while TSA has long meant Too Stupid for Arby’s, perhaps now it means Total Sex Addicts or Touch Some Ass. The Patriot Post suggests Thorough Sexual Assault.

Take your blood pressure meds, sit down, and contemplate the epic fail that is the TSA.

TSA encounter at SAN.

A hundred naked citizens. (But we can trust the TSA rent-a-cops more than U.S. Marshalls, right?)

Penn Jillette vs. the TSAeight years ago

An emailer to Instapundit on why the TSA can’t, and will never, work:

I am a professor of management at a large state university in the southwestern US. I have done this for 15 years subsequent to a career in a Fortune 500 company. I read your site daily and always find something that makes me smile. Thus, I offer a couple of observations regarding your recent threads on the TSA screening debacle. Anyone that studies organizations or has spent time in corporate or large-government environments, understands why the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security were bad ideas. The expressed goal was to integrate all of the diverse elements associated with public security into one entity and make them work seamlessly. The only way to do this, however, is through fairly rigid bureaucratic rules and strict policy guidelines. How would you control the behavior of screeners in diverse places such as Minot and NYC? You do it through strict policy and procedures. You simply cannot permit discretion on the part of individuals as this would jeopardize organizational control of these people. This is why TSA seems mindless… the thinking is being done elsewhere, at the time the procedure is written. This is also why large-scale technical solutions like backscatter machines are favored. These are the only ones compatible with the organizational structures of TSA. I would think that even within the leadership of TSA you would get an admission that an Israeli-style security scheme is far more effective. The problem is scalability – and the bureaucratic nature of large organizations. The Israeli model requires allowing discretion on the part of the screener, which would require hiring employees capable of thoughtfully exercising it (better hiring, training, pay, etc.) and far fewer rigid policies and procedures. One more note. The trend in organizations for several years now is toward decentralizing, flexibility, and mass customization (the achieving of large scale efficiencies on an almost individual level). This is why I favor going back to doing security locally. Think local Fire Marshall vs the OSHA inspector. Who is really getting the job done?

How easy it is to circumvent the entire, worthless airport security theater. NB: I think he weakens his case with silly things like the Osama tee shirts and Hezbo flags. That’s just playing gotcha. If they had confiscated them or reacted to them Goldberg would rightly complain on free speech grounds. So ignore that part and contemplate the state of the art boarding pass forging device you probably have on your desk right now.

Then there’s the case of the woman suing the Too Stupid for Arby’s crowd for exposing her breasts in front of a crowd.

“One male TSA employee expressed to the plaintiff that he wished he would have been there when she came through the first time and that ‘he would just have to watch the video,'” the suit said.

If it’s still not clear why her breasts were a security threat, and you can stand a few F-bombs, please watch this orientation video.

This may help explain why, after years of bullying and idiotic kabuki at the airport the TSA has not caught one single terrorist, but at least twenty-three TSA agents have been fired for stealing from passengers.


Signs of resistance. Two pilots claim (correctly, of course) that current procedures violate the Fourth Amendment. Some airports are opting out of TSA bullying. They all should. Speaking of resistance, I forgot this earlier Jeffrey Goldberg post.

Sometimes Ron Paul is the crazy uncle you wish would just be quiet. But sometimes he’s right. Here he is very right:

No news story is complete, of course, without the Taiwanese animation version.

The updates just keep coming. Iowahawk spins Comply With Me.

Later update:

We were only following orders!


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