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15 June, 2011

I, Global Warming Skeptic

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I’ve started blogging over on the Skeptoid blog. Some of you might find my latest post interesting, alarming, or both. I hope you find it persuasive.


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  1. You may wish to alter some of your incorrect statements.

    •I’m old enough to remember “Global Cooling”, the population bomb, the hole in the ozone, and any number of other tidings of doom. The Chicken Littles have a track record indistinguishable from that of Harold Camping.
    The so-called “global cooling” referred to was a bogus story published by Time Magazine in the 1970s. ALL the science journals at the time were publishing articles about global warming. I know. I was reading science journals back then. I never read Time.

    •The issue is massively politicized. The Left has seized on it as an opportunity to dismantle free markets and grow government. They have entangled it with their beliefs the way creationists entangle evolution with religion.
    No. People like Margaret Thatcher were making clear warnings about the issues surrounding global warming, when she was the (right wing) PM of the UK. The present German government is a right wing government and is committed to a carbon tax. There are other examples.

    •That amount of politicization brings corrupting quantities of money.
    That certainly can occur. Not unlike the way that massive corruption occured during the Bush government in the US, when it invaded Iraq.

    •The IPCC was formed by the United Nations. The UN is a systemically-corrupt, left-wing political organization. Any organization that coddles dictators and thugs should not be trusted even if it claims the sky is blue.
    Not too different from the way successive (right wing) US governments have propped up vicious dicators, like Saddam, The Shah of Iran and the royal family of Saudi Arabia. Do we trust any of the right wing US governments, because they propped up vicious dictators?

    •Anybody who didn’t just fall off the turnip truck can see “cap and trade” and carbon credit markets for the bald-faced scams they are.
    A carbon tax is a far more efficient and fair system.

    •Climate science is very complicated, and there are any number of legitimate questions having to do with the accuracy of our models, the true effect of CO2 as a forcing agent, the reliability of temperature data, the effect of solar cycles, etc.
    Indeed. Which is why sane people listen to the climatologists, since that is their specialty.

    Comment by Trevor Wilson — 15 June, 2011 @ 18:28

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