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22 July, 2011

Well, that didn’t take long

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I liked Herman Cain. I even sent him money. I was willing to put up with his religiosity.

And then he goes and says the government can and should ban mosques. Now, when he talks about Sharia he’s right. We have every right to fight that – a duty, in fact. And I’m on record as believing that Islam is the world’s worst major religion.

But the First Amendment is pretty damn clear, Herman. The government can’t ban churches.


Is it so much to ask that some party, any party, put forward just one candidate who has read and understood the constitution? This is so discouraging, and a big part of why I have never voted for anybody as president. I always end up voting against someone worse.

As long as the Republicans run someone to the right of Karl Marx I’ll vote against Obama. Again.


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