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4 August, 2011

Psalm 44:21

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Update: Yes, this post has been altered.

Some friends of mine recently vacationed at a remote fishing lodge off the coast of British Columbia. It’s small, and guests are encouraged to get to know one another. One couple, however, acted oddly – they kept to themselves and refused to be photographed together. Naturally, this aroused suspicion.

To me, the rest of the story played out as a joke with a punch line. The woman turned out to be a wealthy divorcee who had a high-profile break-up from her developer husband. No big deal there. The punch line was that the man was a Catholic priest. And not just any, but a Veep at a large Catholic university. This blog post used to feature their names and his photo.

Some friends, and a commenter, pointed out the less funny parts of all this, and I have reconsidered. I’m no fan of the Catholic Church but, at least, this guy was having a consenting relationship with an adult woman. That’s a lot different than raping little boys. And, while he’s clearly being less than honest with his employer, hypocrisy is not the unforgivable sin that some folks (particularly on the Left) would have us think. It was never my motivation in posting the info anyway. I just thought it was funny. And I have an admittedly weird sense of humor sometimes.

I still stand by the veracity of the story. And it’s still a cautionary tale about how one should not assume anonymity when one has to register at a hotel, no matter how small, with one’s real name.

Anybody clever and determined enough can find out who they are. For everyone else, my apologies, and move along: there’s nothing more to see here.




  1. I dunno man. I’m no fan of the Catholic Church but this post seems kinda 4Chan to me.

    Sure you can vouch for your friends. But really what you are doing is slandering a persons reputation based on nothing but hearsay. You wont even tell me WHO said it.

    This post surprises me. I’m curious why are you squandering the credibility your site has established (at least with me)? To what end? Is this post supposed to fill me with indignation because a member of the Catholic Church is hypocritical?

    News Flash. I already know that. They have been covering up child rape for years. It’s documented.

    Comment by alex — 8 August, 2011 @ 11:37

  2. Good points, except for the slander part, since it’s not false info. Mostly I’m a sucker for a good punch line, and it struck me as funny. Not that my sense of humor always translates well.

    The hypocrisy isn’t really news, as you point out. Will have to cogitate on this a bit.

    Comment by buttle — 8 August, 2011 @ 12:24

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