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18 August, 2011


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It is so frustrating trying to find a presidential candidate with even a little basic knowledge of the constitution! Rick Perry is solid on the Second Amendment, which is as good a single metric as you’ll find. He’d probably help shrink government, and he wouldn’t blame corporate jet owners for the country’s problems. Pretty obviously he’d be a better chief executive than President Downgrade. An admittedly low bar.

But then he goes and says something mind-numbingly stupid like this.

If he expects me to cheer on a guy this clueless he’s, well, clueless. If the Republicans find someone at least as good as a syphilitic camel I’ll vote against Obama. But, damn, it would be nice for once to have someone to vote for.

A word to creationists, especially young-earth creationists. You are wrong. Period. And you should not expect the government to fund the preaching of your religion, especially in school.


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